Find It Friday: Ice Chips Candy

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Find It Friday: Ice Chips Candy

rsz_ice_chips_mix┬áTo brighten your day and not add any sugar to your diet, here is a recommendation: Ice Chips Xylitol candy. Two ladies, who appeared on Shark Tank, started this business of creating crunchy, flavorful candy treats and I wish I could thank them both personally. But since that’s unlikely, I’ll just recommend them to you. There are lots of different flavors like Root Beer Float and Pina Colada, as well as seasonal options like Cranberry and Clove. I have tins of these stashed everywhere so I can enjoy a guilt-free treat wherever I happen to be. They are supposedly even good for your teeth, but I’m not so sure something that tastes this good could be. Perhaps simply not having any sugar is good enough to get your dentist’s recommendation.

I’d love to see Black Raspberry or Mango flavors in the future. Or Cheesecake. Or Tiramisu. Or Chocolate Covered Cherry. I can dream…

I plan on trying the above pictured Coffee and Cream with Pumpkin Spice to see if I can get a latte experience going and I’ll post my impressions later.

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